New York Commissions Study Supporting Pollinator Conservation, Management

New York Natural Heritage Program

In 2015, New York’s state government assembled a pollinator task force to address declines in native pollinator populations by generating recommendations around management, education, research, and monitoring strategies.

As part of the resulting slate of recommendations, the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation was directed to “begin a multi-year evaluation of New York’s myriad native pollinator species,” the goal being “to show the current state and distribution of native pollinators and serve as the foundation for developing and implementing future conservation practices.”

The resulting pollinator survey project incorporated input from an array of scientists and administrators representing government, academia, and the non-profit sector, and collected data from throughout the state, most recently culminating in a 2019 project report with plans for continuing work through 2020.

To learn more about the survey—including the project background, study design, and contributing experts—or to download the 2019 report PDF, visit

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