Beneficial Pollinators and the Plants That Attract Them

Beneficial Pollinators and the Plants That Attract Them

By Megan Pistolese, SLELO PRISM

There is an intimate relationship between plants and insects that evolves over time. SLELO PRISM has developed an illustrated guide that provides an overview of some of the pollinators you may want to attract to your garden.

Not all pollinators are ostentatious in appearance, and although many people appreciate butterflies for their appealing coloration and are familiar with the role of bees, these insects are not the only ones that aid in pollination.

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We also have a web page dedicated to our Pollinator Pathway Project at Through this more regional initiative, we encourage local gardeners to pledge to choose native over non-native plants or those known to be invasive.

SLELO PRISM is the St. Lawrence - Eastern Lake Ontario Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management. It is part of New York State’s PRISM network, a collection of eight agencies that address invasive species concerns throughout the state by region.

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