New York State Releases Invasive Species Management Plan

New York State Invasive Species Comprehensive Management Plan

Earlier this year, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and Department of Agriculture and Markets released the state’s finalized Invasive Species Comprehensive Management Plan (ISCMP). The final plan charts a clear path for New York’s continued success in addressing invasive species impacts.

Situated centrally within the geographically compact Northeast, New York seeks to remain vigilant and proactive in addressing the threats posed by invasive species making their mark throughout the region.

“New York State’s status as a hub for global commerce, its geographic setting, and patchwork of privately owned land have created significant challenges to managing invasive species,” says the ISCMP’s executive summary. “Intercontinental trade through the St. Lawrence Seaway and New York Harbor make New York home to some of the busiest air and sea ports on the planet and create a diverse suite of introduction pathways which consistently pose novel threats to the resources of NYS.”

The ISCMP aims to encompass the full diversity of invasive-species taxa and ecosystem types throughout the state, while both building on existing programs and methods and identifying new opportunities.

Read more about invasive species in New York on the DEC’s website at View the ISCMP as a PDF document linked from that page, or directly at

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