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The Northeastern IPM Center regularly hosts webinars on a variety of pest- and pest-management-related topics through both the IPM Toolbox webinar series and the StopPests in Housing program.

Webinars feature guest presenters who are experts in their field and offer up-to-date background and tips on current and emerging pest concerns. Attendees typically include pest-management professionals, homeowners, growers, or the public more broadly.

Live attendees have the opportunity to ask questions of the presenters, while webinar recordings are subsequently posted online for others to peruse at their convenience.

The IPM Toolbox

The IPM Toolbox

IPM Toolbox webinars are one hour in length and feature IPM experts discussing an effective IPM practice, method, or effort. They are designed to share practical IPM tools that improve environmental and social health and maintain profitability. The format is usually an interview style with questions from the audience.

Spotted Lanternfly

Earlier this year, in conjunction with the New York State IPM Program and the Department of Agriculture and Markets, the IPM Toolbox hosted a collection of webinars on spotted lanternfly, a recent invasive arrival inflicting agricultural damage throughout the Northeast. Each of the four webinars was directed at growers of a particular set of crops and followed a similar format.

The featured presenters were:

  • Tim Weigle, Grape and Hops IPM Specialist, NYS IPM Program
  • Juliet Carroll, Fruit IPM Coordinator, NYS IPM Program
  • Ethan Angell, NYS Dept. of Agriculture and Markets
  • Brian Eshenaur, Ornamentals IPM Specialist, NYS IPM Program
  • Dan Gilrein, Entomology, Suffolk County Cornell Cooperative Extension

Spring Webinar Series

More recently, the IPM Toolbox hosted three webinars on different topics.

Varroa Mite IPM: Mite Management Is the Bee’s Knees!

Presented by:
Kim Skyrm, Apiary Program Coordinator/Apiarist, Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources
Jen Lund, Apiarist, Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry

How IPM Can Help Keep Children Safe from Lyme Disease at Schools and in Suburban Communities

Presented by:
Kathy Murray, IPM Entomologist, Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry
Andrew Y. Li, Research Entomologist, USDA ARS Invasive Insects Biocontrol and Behavior Laboratory, Beltsville, MD

IPM for Industrial Hemp

Presented by Whitney Cranshaw, Professor and Extension Specialist, Colorado State University

Visit for recordings of recent webinars and information about upcoming webinars when available. Recordings of prior webinars are archived at

Cockroach within a no symbol (prohibition sign)

StopPests in Housing

In addition to conducting in-person trainings, the Northeastern IPM Center’s StopPests in Housing program hosts webinars to help multifamily-housing staff use integrated pest management to understand and address threats posed by pests in housing.

These online training opportunities feature renowned specialists and address the most common and serious pests afflicting housing—bed bugs, rodents, and cockroaches—as well as exploring other challenging topics like hoarding and delusional parasitosis.

The popular webinar series often attracts 300 to 500 attendees at the live events with hundreds more watching the archived recordings. Recent highlights include:

  • Robert Corrigan, president, RMC Pest Management Consulting, and Matt Frye, community IPM extension area educator, NYS IPM Program, talking about rodents and exclusion
  • Coby Schal, Blanton J. Whitmire Distinguished Professor, North Carolina State University, discussing how to control cockroaches with baits and manage resistance
  • Richard Cooper, senior director of technical services, Terminix, describing the essential elements of a bed bug management plan for affordable housing
  • Dini Miller, associate professor of urban pest management, Virginia Tech, and Stephen Kells, associate professor of entomology, University of Minnesota, breaking down issues with pest-control contracts
  • Dawn Gouge, extension specialist and professor of urban IPM, University of Arizona, addressing all pests as she describes what a comprehensive IPM plan for affordable housing looks like

Visit to peruse all archived StopPests in Housing webinars.

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