Integrating IPM into a School Environmental Management Systems Plan

The goal of this project was to compile existing IPM materials into an Environmental Management System (EMS) format that would make it easier for school facilities to integrate IPM into their routine maintenance activities. The EMS Plan is posted on the NE IPM Center website and the documents are in a format that allows them to be downloaded in Word. An Environmental Management System (EMS) uses systematic, documented management procedures that allow a school district to identify, analyze, control, and reduce the impact of its activities on human health and the environment. The project to incorporate IPM into an Environmental Management System was developed through this grant and piloted in New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts. In addition, it was distributed through the following listservs:

  • Healthy Schools Network
  • Healthy Schools Campaign
  • Facilities Masters
  • Vermont School Facilities Managers
  • Massachusetts School Facilities Administrators Association
  • CT Buildings and Grounds Association
  • Listservs of North East School IPM Working Group members
  • The Vermont Envision Program

The purpose of the system is to increase the number of schools practicing high-level IPM that will improve the health of the students and staff and decrease harm to the environment caused by mismanagement of pesticides.

Read the full project summary and report.